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28 -33 seater Coach Hire Peterborough

Finding a suitable coach when you are travelling with a medium sized group is most difficult as most companies either have minibuses or full-size coaches. This is where Peterborough coach hire has an advantage, we have coaches that can accommodate people ranging from 28 to 33 travellers. We have these vehicles so that you don't have to pay the price for large coaches and have lower per person cost. It is also a better option compared to hiring a few minibuses or taxis as the costs go substantially higher if you do this. When you come to us we can offer you these midi coaches so that you bust your budget just to get your guests transported.

Just like with our minibuses, these coaches do not compromise on quality. They are well maintained and export fresh, clean and stylish exterior and interior. Our technical team has all the certifications needed to keep these vehicles in good condition ready for your next travel. The amenities included onboard include comfy seats, air conditioning and entertainment units.

These coaches are preferred by business and government sector alike. We have also transported delegates for important international events such as Commonwealth games using these coaches. They are also great for a wedding party or take school children for educational and fun trips. These vehicles are great for long run tours going to different places. Our driver stays with you at a location close to your stay to offer a personalised service. These coaches make an excellent choice for festivals too. Going to a festival on a train is very inconvenient. You incur ticket cost and then getting taxis from station to the festival can be very expensive with the traffic rush for the festival and the fact that taxi charges you on the meter. However, if you book the coach with us, you pay a pre-agreed price making your visit seamless and tension free. No worrying about extra charges. You pay what you are quoted and we get you there for that price.

We also have a luxury variant of this coach which is mostly opted by the business clients. This coach has leather seats, LED TV, reclining seats, 3 point seat belts, large luggage with snacks and drinks served onboard. The luggage compartment is in the coach and can easily accommodate 30 suitcases making it a great choice for airport transfers too. If you wish to impress your esteemed guests then this is the vehicle for you. so book our 33 seater coach hire in Peterborough for the best deal  

28 -33 seater coach Hire Peterborough

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